Saturday, 12 September 2009

My first 2 goals

Now, I'm not very good at goals. I have little experience of setting them and, obviously, even less of achieving them.

But everyone I've met on the various Lighter Life forums out there seems very jolly and positive, and they've set goals - and appear to be motivated by them. So I thought I'd try it too (I'm a sucker for peer pressure).

So. I have three stone to lose. Plus an extra half-stone if I don't do Route to Management (so I have 7lbs of leeway for weight gain when I quit abstinence).

So that's six (or possibly seven) half-stone goals.

Hmm. That's quite scary. I'm having trouble thinking about one non-food or drink-based treat, never mind seven!

Baby steps then.

My original two goals were:
  • Get through the first 4 days - DONE
  • Get into ketosis - DONE
So my next two goals are:
  • First half-stone: I'll buy myself some nice cheap acrylic jewellery from my favourite designer.
  • First stone: I'll buy that pair of Fly London boots I've had my eye on.
It's easy to wander into and-a-pony territory here, so let's revisit once I've achieved at least the first of those goals.


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