Sunday, 18 October 2009

Week 6 Day 42: catchup

You're getting a bumper pack of posts today because I've been so lax lately.

This week I've been really busy and quite stressed at work. I did do 3 notable things though...

1. I spent a night at my best friend's
I really miss my friend; she used to live near me and work at the same company, so we saw each other almost constantly and put the world to rights on a daily basis. Now she lives on the other side of London and I've a new job, so it's very different and I have all the attendant fears that she'll lose interest etc. I'm a bit calmer about this now, but I still miss her, so it's nice to spend the evening together and find out what's going on in each other's heads. She's been really supportive about LL, and each time she came back into the room she was marvelling at my weight loss ("you really are a skinny minnie!" she kept saying). We talked about various things; when I told her about all the worries I had about people reacting badly to my weight loss she pointed out, "yes, but don't forget you used to hang out with dickheads and you don't anymore" which was a very good point. What's interesting is the next day I travelled into town with her for work and was so convinced I'd get lost navigating the journey that I almost stayed with her, even though her eventual destination would be further away! We also, as I mentioned, have been junk food enablers for each other but we both stuck to our diets and didn't use our being together to push us into bad habits.

2. I went to a restaurant
It was with my team for lunch. Everyone seemed very guilty about eating while I sat there with my sparkling water and my black coffee. The food smelled amazing, but I wasn't really tempted. I've just got to a point where I think "It's just not worth it". I mean, I was sitting there in my size 12 skinny jeans, for god's sake! I contented myself with holding onto the menu and wondering what I would have had if I wasn't on LL - and what's odd is that I picked very different foods from the ones I would have had before. Before I would have thought PIE AND CHIPS (it was that sort of restaurant...) without a second thought, but perusing the menu I found myself picking things for the taste of them, not just the bulk and comfort food connotations.

I have also been receiving lots of compliments from people at work, including:
  • "I'm amazed at your stamina, well done!"
  • "Not everyone can decide to change their lives and actually do it. It takes a special sort of strength."
  • "Check you out in your skinny jeans!"
  • "You've lost weight all over, you look totally different - well done!"
  • "I'm so impressed by you. I don't think I could do it."
They also suggested getting me a "finished my diet" cake at the end of LL! I told them that was very sweet, but sort of missing the point....

3. I saw my friend who inspired me to do LL
I myself am partly impressed by this, as I was so stressed at work (and privately freaking out about all this crooked thinking stuff) that I really just wanted to go home and curl up on the sofa at the end of the day, so being social was actually a bit of a trial (seeing my best friend was different though - that IS a bit like curling up on the sofa!). This friend hasn't seen me since I started and was very impressed. We talked about all sorts of stuff - LL, self-image, our shared hobbies, people we know, etc etc. It wasn't all dietdietdiet, and I think I may have helped her with some stuff too.

I've been feeling headachey for a lot of the week - haven't had much sleep and have obviously had emotional stuff going on (even if I didn't realise it) and on Friday a migraine struck. It was so severe and nothing seemed to work - on Saturday I was curled up in a ball, crying. I think it might have been a sinus headache rather than a migraine, but it's so hard to tell. Today I'm better - have been in bed all weekend with it - but still very delicate and not even sure I'll be able to go to work tomorrow. I'll see how I am this evening.

The odd thing is I've been craving crisps the entire time my head's been bad! I don't eat crisps that often generally, but I think it does highlight that when I feel ill, I eat. It's all part of the hiding away thing. And really what I need when I have a migraine is darkness, quiet and sleep (and pills!). However this has been a doozy, I have been lying in the darkness for hours on end but it didn't really help.

Best get off the computer then!


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