Saturday, 12 September 2009

Week 1 Day 1

Day 1 was horrendous, even before I'd started my diet.

1. It was a Monday.
2. I started my period.
3. I'd been half-awake all night with painful trapped wind and nausea.
4. As soon as I got up I was stuck in the loo with diarrhoea.

I had to cancel a pre-work physio appointment, and was even wondering if I could actually get to work, and whether to start my diet the following day.

In the end I swallowed some Imodium, made my first pack (disgusting: I tried to be clever and try a thing I'd read where you mix a Vanilla flavour shake with some instant coffee for a vanilla latte - but it was too gloopy and hot and I had to gag it down) and forced myself to go to the station.

Which probably would have been okay if the train hadn't been delayed, then packed FULL (and me not sure if I wouldn't need the toilet urgently) and diverted to an out-of-the-way station.

In the end I got to work and managed to make up my porridge pack before diving into a three hour meeting where there were CROISSANTS and PASTRIES. To be honest I was feeling so faint and lightheaded, and sick, that I wasn't hungry. I just kept gulping down my water.

I felt unwell for the rest of the day and finally came home. I should have had my third pack before leaving the office because I felt faint and sweaty on the train home. As soon as I got home I inhaled a chocolate shake, complained to my boyfriend, then had my Thai Chili soup pack and put myself to bed early, feeling utterly rubbish - nauseous still, weak, and with a painful stomach.


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