Saturday, 12 September 2009

Week 1 Day 2

Now, I'm very lucky because, having done my research and knowing that the first week on LL can be difficult, I asked my boss if I could work from home for 3 days that week, and she said yes.

That said, day 2 was rubbish, too. I was still faint, weak and nauseous for most of the day - plus I had a sick, pulsing headache that felt like a threatening migraine. Apparently these symptoms are down to carbohydrate withdrawal, and I do like my carbohydrates.

Undaunted I attempted the vanilla latte again (I'm really missing my daily lattes). This time I unearthed our dusty espresso machine, made a proper espresso and mixed it with a vanilla shake. It was an improvement, but still too gloopy.

I tried to space out my packs every four hours, as I heard that it can help with the wooziness. I had:
  • 1 porridge (very nice; very porridgey - could have been hotter)
  • 1 banana shake (split into two; I tried making a mousse with the first half but added too much water; I had the second soon after as I was feeling so weak)
  • 1 mushroom soup (out of a mug, just like cuppa soup, yum).
But I still felt awful. I managed to get quite a bit of work done, but not as much as I'd liked, and got a bit emotional thinking I'd let my boss down, and had a bit of a cry in the afternoon. Luckily my boyfriend works from home so he was a captive audience for my misery.

I was also swooningly physically hungry. I sometimes suffer with (non-diabetic) low blood sugar crashes; I get woozy and feel as though I'm going to faint, and need some fruit juice (or, to be more honest, a Snickers bar) pronto or it all starts to go wrong. I've had more of these since I put on weight, and I was looking forward to having the chance to 'reset' my body's blood sugar level during abstinence.

But I felt as though I were having a blood sugar crash all day. To be honest, I'm not sure how much of this feeling crappy was down to the diet or the upset tummy of the day before.

Either way, I was physically hungry and emotional. Adverts on TV were driving me mad - I never noticed how much food is mentioned before! Someone said the word 'beef' on TV and I swear my mouth instantly filled with saliva. "I'm literally starving" I told my BF, who opined that I wasn't literally starving, and I got very cross.

It was a relief for everyone I think when I had my final soup pack (I felt a bit better by then) and went to bed early.


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