Saturday, 12 September 2009

Week 1 Day 6

It's now early afternoon, and so far it's been good.

I woke up naturally after about 10 hours' sleep, my energy levels felt even and my clothes felt looser, although I'm trying not to weigh myself at home. And I don't feel ill. Empty, not ill.

I didn't have my first pack until 10.30 - didn't feel I needed to. Then I pootled off to the shop to fetch the newspaper and some snacks for the boyfriend. I didn't feel weak on the way there or back, and I like getting him snacks. I like walking around with Twixes and Double Deckers in a bag, knowing I'm not going to eat them. I also like cooking for him (or, let's be honest, putting things in the oven and taking them out for him), because it makes me feel less of a freakazoid for being on this diet.

My sense of smell has heightened since I started on LL, too - I can smell a barbeque from a mile away now. I've since learned that pizza smells lovely; rice and tofu less so (also watching the boyfriend eat that makes me so irrationally angry - why would he choose to eat that when there's tastier food he can have?); macaroni and cheese smells delicious. Apple cores have their own smell that I never noticed before. Luckily I'm not at the point where my cat's food makes me hungry.

But smelling nice food, I'm finding, is almost as good as eating it. Yum.

3.30pm and I've not yet had my 2nd pack!

I vowed to spend this weekend lying down and drinking lots of water. Tomorrow I have my 2nd meeting, so I'd better work on that lying down business rather than splurging neuroses on this journal.

More later...

Still doing well, but could do without the constant thought cycle: Ooh I'm hungry/what shall I have to eat?/Well, what do I fancy?/Something toasty or cheesy or chippy/Oh wait/I'm not eating food/Bugger.


Zoe (dancing-in-the-rain) said...

Hi Bea!
Well done on getting to day six. You write really well, am thoroughly enjoying your blog.
Good luck with the rest of your journey

Bea said...

Aw thanks Zoe!

Bea said...

You have a diary, too, right? Can I link to it?

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