Saturday, 12 September 2009

Week 1 Day 5

This was the day I returned to work and, unfortunately, I woke feeling crappy. Not as crappy as the previous days, but still pre-migrainey, nauseous and feeling a bit weak. Even after I made up I noticed I was looking pale, with dark circles under my eyes. My stomach was grumbly too, and I wondered again if the Water Flavours were to blame.

However, I was heartened by the fact that some jeans I'd bought and not worn were snug when before they'd just not fitted at all. I had my first shake and went to work.

Work wasn't too bad - desk working was okay, and I survived my meetings with my sports bottle of water clasped firmly to me. A couple of people seemed worried that I looked so unwell, but I pointed out that the first few days are likely to be a bit rubbish and that I'd look into it if I felt unwell after the second week. Privately I was a bit disappointed that this famed 'ketosis energy' seemed to have left me.

Thankfully I racked up enough hours working at home to allow me to slope off at 4pm, avoiding a colleague's drinks event (not strong enough for these yet!). Again, I felt weak and shaky on the way home, but then recovered well after sitting down and preparing a hot chocolate shake.

There's something about the space between my second and third packs of the day that makes me weak and shaky. Wonder what the solution is. Felt all right (and very relieved that the working week was over) sitting on the sofa and, for the first time that week, went to bed at a normal time (10.30).


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