Sunday, 13 September 2009

Things what I am going to do when I is skinny, yeah.

  • Learn yoga. Or pilates. Or yogalates. Or poga. Whatever - in a class with other humans, not in my living room in front of a DVD like a loser.
  • Join a tribal bellydance class. Because that shit rocks my world.
  • Quit smoking. Either when I'm in my healthy BMI, when I'm navigating the cake-infested waters of management. Or, perhaps more healthily, when I've been off LL and maintaining my weight confidently for a couple of months.
  • Get almost every inch of me waxed and manicured.
  • Take my enormous guitar, which I have to admit was a stupid purchase since I am tiny, and part-exchange it for a smaller, nicer one. I may do this as a treat when I hit a weight loss goal.
  • Buy an entirely new wardrobe. I'm going to be poor for a while, but my stash of size 10 clothes are early 2000's fashionable and may need an upgrade.
  • Go swimming. Get some prescription goggles sorted first, so I don't dive into the shallow end or something.
  • Go to the Green Man Festival. Just because it sounds nice and the last festival I attended was Glastonbury '99.
  • Learn to drive.
  • Get my hair coloured. I have long black hair and I'm going to put a fat streak of pale blonde through it and you can't stop me.


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