Saturday, 12 September 2009

Week 1 Day 3

Day 3 was better. I awoke after 12 hours' sleep feeling less weak than I had the day before. AND I perfected my vanilla latte (the trick is to use HALF the vanilla pack, then blend it with the espresso and about 500ml of hot water like a motherfucker).

I ate:

1. Vanilla shake - split with 2 espressos (wheeeeeeee!)
2. Banana shake, split with chocolate shake (yum).
3. Chocolate shake, split with banana shake (hot - also yum).
4. Strawberry shake (meh).

Two vanilla lattes did make me a bit wired though. Also, reading about the lady who died on LL was a bit of a setback, however there are plenty who didn't die... there was also that lady who died after drinking 4 litres of water in 30 minutes while on LL. Now LL's standard line on water consumption is "drink to thirst", but the unofficial line is 4 litres still - to make up for all the water you normally get from food. I am quite short, so spent quite a lot of the day wondering if I'd drunk the requisite 3.5 litres, then panicking because I thought I'd drunk too much and was going to die.

On Day 1 I joined the Minimins forum and found some other ladies who are at a similar stage of the diet. I am very impressed with them as they all led busy lives and had children to manage during the first days, whereas I was just working at home salivating over beef and feeling sickly.

Different strokes, I suppose.

HOWEVER. Although I still felt somewhat weak, I did manage to take in the grocery delivery (boyfriend is recovering from surgery to his leg and I don't drive, so we're pretty immobile right now) without keeling over, AND I put it all away without sampling any.

I did feel all weak and feeble after all that heavy lifting, though, so I had my third pack and took some headache pills, then tried to rest for the evening. Although I failed - I worked, and went on the Minimins forum, then had another early night.


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