Saturday, 12 September 2009

Week 1 Day 4

Day 4 was my final day working from home, and I had my mid-week "pop-in" that evening.

It was the worst day.

I have never felt so low, so lacking in energy, and so utterly hopeless as I did that morning. And I've had swine flu.

I was weak as a kitten, still getting painful, physical hunger cramps, headachey, nauseous, and so, so tired. I knew I had to go to my pop-in later, and that I had to go into the office the next day, and I just couldn't imagine doing either because walking to the loo was taking it out of me.

Then someone on the Minimins forum said that feeling so bad was usually a sign that you were going into ketosis, so I should be feeling better soon.

Ha! I thought. You obviously haven't met me and my ability to feel unwell no matter what the circumstances.

The afternoon brought the unexpected surprise of a blocked toilet (not me, guv) and a trip, with boyfriend on crutches, to the local plumbers merchants for various tubey, plungey and acidy goodness to deal with it.

The boyfriend dealt with it. I helped, but mostly held my nose.

Then it was time to go to my pop-in - I'd ordered a taxi there and back but found myself feeling quite jaunty as I went up in the lift. Then I met my LLC - I've not made my mind up about her yet. She's very personable and knows her stuff. She lost 9 stone on the diet herself. But... how to put this? She's a bit overweight. A bit. It's just... well, I don't know what to do with that information, or how to ask about it, or even if I should. She also seems a bit flustered. I still don't have my LL registration number (admittedly I've not asked for it yet) but it means I can't get on the official Lighter Life forums. And she'd arranged for my pop-in to be at 6pm. You're supposed to get 45 minutes of uninterrupted you-time, but two other women turned up at that time as well. The LLC claimed she'd left them voicemails telling them to come later, but.... anyway. I didn't get my 45 minutes - more like 25 - but she was sorting out stuff for a promotion and god knows I've had my ditzy moments, so I shan't judge.

So anyway. By the time I had to pee on a stick I was quite jaunty. Full of beans and energy. I peed, the stick went a lovely shade of cranberry (I think that might mean that I was dehydrated), which means I WAS IN KETOSIS, BABY!

Then the LLC asked how my first few days had been, but it was all very rushed. I got weight (lost 3.5lbs in 4 days - but possibly more as I had my period and might have been retaining water), swapped some food packs for banana and chocolate flavours, bought some Water Flavouring and went on my merry.

When I got home I was so full of energy that I raced up and down the 3 flights of stairs in our house (that earlier that day I had literally taken minutes to climb), sorting out the bins and the recycling. Then I had my water flavour with some fizzy water (tastes like champagne after all those soups and shakes) and generally felt quite well-disposed to the world - hunger mostly gone, weakness gone, and feeling solid again. Quite happy to go back to work the next day, if I continued to feel so good.


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