Thursday, 17 September 2009

Week 2 Day 11

Just a short one tonight - I'm plumped on the sofa in front of Grease, having just choked down a semi-successful banana mousse (my first attempt).

For most of the day I've been filled with the sense of intense wellbeing that I've heard others report. I'm sure it's down to the combination of minerals and vitamins in the food packs. They're all detailed in the green LL book I got, and I've resolved to find a way to supplement my diet with all of them when I've finished the diet. B-complex vitamins are where it's at I reckon.

Normally on a Thursday I have to drag myself around and am for all intents and purposes asleep until I've had at least 2 coffees. There was none of that today, I was raring to go and my concentration hat was on. In fact it was on so tight that I forgot to have my first pack (porridge) and didn't have my second (hot chocolate) until I got home at around 6pm. Don't think I drank the 3 litres of water either.

And I have, almost logically, found something else to worry about. It's a health thing, I don't want to go into it here, but I am seeing the doctor next week (it's one of those things you have to check out really) and am going to not worry about it till then.

After I got home, partly dude to the worrying, I got quite emotional and had a bit of a cry. Not sure what it was about; as I was crying I wondered what it was I was crying about... Perhaps it's LL moodswings. Who knows.

Anyway, I'm not fantastic at resting so I resolved to take it easy tonight. Hence sofa, Grease, hastily curtailed over-analysis. Goodnight.


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