Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Week 2 Day 9

Day 9 has gone almost swimmingly.

With sensible use of hot water bottles (last night), peppermint tea (this morning) and avoidance of all things LL bar-shaped, the stomach aches have subsided.

However, I have been curiously hungry all day. Proper, growly-stomached, weak-and-woozifying, must-eat-now-or-will-faint hungry. I haven't felt like this since I went into ketosis.

I had my morning hot chocolate at about 8 and started feeling hungry at 10ish. But I try to space my packs out every 4 hours, so I hung in there. But by 12 I was starting to feel faint, so I had my porridge. Then I nipped out of the office to run some errands at lunchtime and found I was hungry (hungry hungry, if you get me) and all weak by 2pm! So again I waited and had my soup at 3ish. I got a huge wodge of work done today so I left at 4.30. Now I'm home with the hours stretched before me and only one pack to have left. But I plan to spend the evening on the sofa, so if I faint, at least I won't be uncomfortable....

I had a cup of black Earl Grey day-before-yesterday, and half of one today. And while I was drinking I realised I didn't know if it was allowed on LighterLife. Earl Grey has oil of bergamot and some sort of lemon in it, and I wondered if this had knocked me out of ketosis, causing the hunger.

Which is all very odd as I noticed this morning that my jeans (which I wore yesterday) were looser this morning.

Anyway, rather than fret about it I called my LLC who confirmed that Earl Grey is allowed, but maybe to knock it on the head for now as I might be more sensitive to the citrus content than others. And if I've been knocked out of ketosis it won't be long before I'm on it again.

And I have just done a rather stupid thing. I have just weighed myself on my own scales. And appear to be the same weight I was on Sunday.

ALL OF WHICH MEANS NOTHING. Tomorrow evening I'm popping in to swap my bars for things that won't make pain-spaghetti of my insides, so I'll wee on a stick then and see what's what.

Other than that I've had a grand day - quietly getting through my work in the office, not talking to anyone (yes, I am a hermit) and plugged into Last FM. It's a soggy, grey, rainy day but I like days like these. They make me want to curl up in an armchair by a window and read a book.

And it occurs to me now that whenever the weather's like this I always think "ooh I'd love to curl up in an armchair and read a book" and then proceed to not do so. Ever. I mean, I don't even own an armchair. I probably think this then go and do something the exact opposite of curling up in an armchair with a book.

Like fretting needlessly about Earl Grey and ketosis.

Hm. All right then, I shall go and curl up on the sofa with a book, chug water and normal tea and ride out the hunger pangs, or whatever they are, by splitting my last pack.

This Lighter Life counselling thing is awfully pervasive. I suspect they may all be wizards.


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