Monday, 2 November 2009

Week 8 Day 57

A quick tip for your weigh-ins: wear your lightest clothes to group on weigh-in day.

Yesterday I was lamenting my small losses at group and, while my LLC was out of the room, a lady in my group asked if I hadn't noticed that everyone wears exactly the same outfit to group each week. Obviously, being the jeenyoos I am, I hadn't.

This lady pointed out that another lady in our group wears the same leggings and sack-dress every week. I had noticed this, but alas I figured she just didn't have owt else to wear. But I also noticed that after her weigh-in this lady pretty much gets dressed during the rest of group - pulling on socks, boots, jumpers, cardigans etc.

The lady I was talking to said the other lady does this deliberately to maximise her losses. She pointed out the jeans, belt, jumper get-up I normally schlep around in and advised me to go home, strip, and weigh my clothes. "I bet they'll add up to at least a pound," she opined.

So I did. Just now. Jeans, socks, belt and jumper. And you know what? TWO FUCKING POUNDS. My clothes are eating up my weight loss! I know it's all relative in terms of weekly losses, but it does explain why my post-pee (nekkid) weight in the morning is something like 4lbs less than my 2pm weigh-in weight.

Next week I'm wearing leggings and the lightest top I own.

Today I have been unaccountably hungry, and I'm pretty sure it was down to the 2 paracetamol I took for a headache at lunchtime. They're caplets, and as much as they say they're not coated, I bet they have a sugar coating on. Bums.


Anonymous said...

Hello Bea - Soo missed reading your posts - they are brilliant. I'm on LLL - and you're posts help me to stay on the straight and narrow. I get so many lightbulb moments - big thanks to you.

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