Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Week 9 Day 65

Ever seen a thought process from beginning to end? I've not been writing here or posting on MiniMins lately. Tonight I wrote an update post on the forum, which I'm going to post here in its entirety, because it says so much:


Hello ladies,

*So* sorry I've not posted for ages *again* - and *again* this is going to be one of those big splodgey posts of news.

November has been so freaking busy. I just don't know where the days have gone! I'm taking part in a writing competition where you write almost 2,000 words of fiction every day through November. It's an insane task but I've been looking forward to it all year... and now it's here, I've been avoiding it like the plague! V interesting from an LL psychology point of view. Instead of writing I've... well, let's just say my house is *very* clean. Have made some headway now though.

Had some nice days though. Took a day off for Guy Fawkes and my friend who's finished LL and I mooched around Brighton all day, then went to Lewes for the legendary Guy Fawkes parade (I grew up in the next village). If you haven't been I do recommend it - it's a bit like Mardi Gras. It was odd to be in the pub and just drinking sparkling water though... however, didn't miss not having a hangover the next day!

We had lunch at Zizzi and it was my first LL pack in a restaurant - they weren't too fussed about giving me a bowl and some hot water for my mushroom soup. And on the way to the loo I caught sight of myself in a full-length mirror and just couldn't believe it! I look so skinny! Not perfect, but on the way! The size 12 skinny jeans are now a bit roomy! I was squeezing myself into a size 14 when I started LL (which may not sound like a lot but it's plenty when you're my height and you're so overweight that your ankles barely support you). It's weird, we have full-length mirrors at home, and of course I put my face on in the mirrors in the morning, but it was only when I was out of the house that it really hit home how much I've lost. Have peered at myself at the mirrors in the house since, but haven't had the same effect...!

I've been feeling a bit unsupported in my LL group. Everyone is very nice and our LLC is great and v wise, but she seems to hold about 4 different LL groups every day, and doesn't remember information about you from one week to the next.

We agreed I'd do a condensed RTM because I'm going away in Jan. Now she's saying no. And she keeps getting my height wrong and telling me my goal weight is too low... Plus she seems to have forgotten I'm 3 weeks behind the rest of my group and is telling me I have to go into RTM at the end of November, despite the fact that I won't have completed Foundation by then.

I'm sure this is always the way, but our group has dwindled to four people. The other 3 are lovely, but they're losing loads AND THEY'RE CHEATING. I'm losing an average of 2.6lbs a week and am fully abstinent. I'm not going to cheat, but it is annoying me. And I don't think they're going to do RTM either.

The whole thing has been making me feel rather demotivated to be honest. And it's suddenly become really important to me that I

a) hit my goal weight by Christmas, and
b) go into RTM before Christmas.

The Christmas season is hotting up and I've been feeling very down about the prospect of not being able to eat or drink at the various do's I'm due to go to (putting "nothing", "nothing" and "nothing" for starter, main course and pudding for my work Christmas party was depressing). And I've been fixating a little on some drinks things I have coming up, and how I'll only be drinking sparkling water, and how unfair that is.

But ladies, having come back on the boards and just through reading this thread I've realised what I'm doing: taking a situation I don't feel happy about (not hitting goal by Christmas; feeling unsupported at group), not doing anything about it and - suddenly - feeling deprived and so on. And the reality is that I *can* hang on over Christmas - I'm only 18lbs (18lbs!!!!) from goal and rather than celebrating the success, I'm channelling all my angst about what's going on into worrying about what's to come. If I need to I can have a Christmas dinner (the lack of this is what's *really* bugging me - that and the fact that I miss milk in my coffee. But I WILL have that in RTM!) next year. One year I had food poisoning and my family had a "second Christmas lunch" in January when I was better, just for me.

Although I have "only" 18lbs to go, because my losses have been small it's actually taken me a month to lose 9lbs But I *can* handle another two months in abstinence if I need to. I won't like it, but I *can* do it, and getting to goal is more important than milk in my coffee, after all.

So thank you ladies. You may not have felt like you've done anything, but just reading your posts in this thread and the amazing way you're all dealing with this, it's helped me to realise my own crooked thinking and give me hope.

If you're doing LL and haven't registered on a forum, I do recommend it. It's so helpful, in so many ways. I've been keeping myself so busy lately that I've been using the few moments I've given myself to think about LL, I've been feeling bitter about how much work I've done, and how I'm not at my goal yet, and how it might be a longer haul than I'd thought, and it means I'd have to miss out on Christmas.

Which is very narrow crooked thinking. Having the odd drink in a pub isn't a big deal. Eating a turkey dinner isn't a big deal. Losing 3 stone is a MASSIVE deal. And yes, it's not easy and the thought that I may have to spend a further two months on it IS unpleasant. But doable. And though I miss the milk in my coffee I get to have it during milk week, if I continue in abstinence, and as soon as I start RTM!

And another way to look at this could be this: I have two months! Two months to think about what I'm going to do when I'm slim. What I'm going to change. How my life is going to be better. To figure out how to increase my exercise in a way I enjoy. In fact, I'm in a perfect place to do this now - thin enough that I wouldn't feel like a complete freakzoid joining, say, a Pilates class (which I know is a brain thing rather than a fat thing per se), but if I don't like it, I can try something else. In fact, all time is a perfect time to do this, but the extra two months' grace allows me room for experimentation.

And I don't need to feel bound by my LLC's inconsistent advice. I know what weight I need to be when I finish. I know that, given my height (because I know my height!) that my goal weight isn't too low.  I know that my losses are relatively small, so I know I shouldn't go into RTM until I hit goal weight. And I know I want to do a condensced RTM, not because I want to hurry back into eating, but because for someone like me - someone who was offered LLL - 12 weeks of RTM might actually be demotivating.

But I wouldn't have realised any of this if I hadn't gone onto the LL MiniMins forum and seen how well, and positively, other people are doing.

I am my own boss. Which occasionally means checking that I'm on the right track. And since I'm a nice boss I'm not going to give myself a hard time for the crooked thinking I've been doing.


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